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Psalm 31:17 – Let Them Be Silent in Sheol


Psalm 31:17 – Let me not be put to shame, Yahweh, for I have called on you. Let the wicked be put to shame. Let them be silent in Sheol. — World English

There is certainly nothing in this verse that gives one the idea that David thought the wicked were going to tormented with excruciating and eternal suffering in Sheol. Rather, he says, “Let them be silent in Sheol.” While this verse definitely refers to the silence as “in Sheol,” many would like have this verse conform to the heathen mythological philosophies that the soul or spirit continues to alive after death, and thus some have claimed that, while the wicked are not actually silent in hell, that the Psalmist meant that their voices can no longer be heard amongst the living, so that to the living, they are silent. Of course, in reality, the scripture does say that the wicked are “silent in sheol.” They are not shrieking from being tortured in a sea of fire, as some have described “hell.” This verse totally agrees with Ecclesiastes 9:5,10, that those in the Bible hell are in an oblivious condition.

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