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Proverbs 23:14 – Saving the Child From Sheol


Proverbs 23:14 – Punish him with the rod, And save his soul from Sheol.

Some read into this the idea that the child will be saved from eternal torture in sheol after death. Actually, if we remember that the word sheol signifies the oblivious death condition (Ecclesiastes 9:5,10), we can understand what this is saying. We do not wish our children to be doing foolish things that will destroy him; in order to keep him from entering into death prematurely, he needs to be disciplined.

The scripture states that the child’s soul is saved from Sheol; this shows that it is the soul that goes to sheol, and thus it is dead souls that will be raised out of Hades in the “last day”. — Revelation 20:13.

We also need to note here that if paradise is a compartment of sheol, we certainly would not think it to be place to be saved from. One who believes in the compartment theory of sheol would have to read into this that it is only speaking of the alleged compartment of torture rather than sheol itself.

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