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Proverbs 7:27 – The Way to Sheol


Proverbs 7:27 – Her house is the way to Sheol, Going down to the chambers of death. — World English

This is a scripture discussing how an adulteress lures a man into her house for immoral purposes. The warning is that to enter her house is the way to realm of death, going down to the bed chambers of death. To enter her bedroom chambers, or parlor, for immoral purposes is the same as going down into death. Sheol is here paralleled with death, not eternal suffering.

Some, reading the expression “chambers” here, wish to read into this the compartment theory, claiming that there are different chambers in sheol, with different places where one goes in death, thus supporting the idea that this is speaking of both a paradise and a place of conscience suffering in sheol. Nothing is stated in the scripture about the chambers being anything other death. Also, if we were to accept the word “chambers” as meaning all the alleged compartments of sheol, then the one being lured into fornication would be entering into paradise, purgatory, the inferno, the frigid region, limbo, and any other alleged compartment men have thought up. Actually, there is no support in this verse for the compartment theory of sheol; this theory has be read into what is stated. The word “chambers” is used here in a similar manner as it is used in Song of Solomon 1:4; Isaiah 26:20.

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