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Proverbs 5:5 – Straight to Sheol


Proverbs 5:5 – Her feet go down to death. Her steps lead straight to Sheol. — World English

Solomon is here speaking of a harlot, a promiscuous woman, who entices men into sexual pleasures. “All her doings lead to destruction.”* To follows her steps would lead a man straight to sheol, not only figuratively, but, in view of the possibility of sexually-transmitted diseases, to follow her feet could literally bring one into the realm of death, for many of these diseases can cause one to die. Not only this, but if this person is married, death could come at the hands of her husband. There is nothing in this verse about anyone being conscious or suffering in sheol.
*Beza, Theodore. “Commentary on Proverbs 5”. “The 1599 Geneva Study Bible”. . 1600-1645.

The King James translators, evidently believing that a place of torment is meant here, translated “sheol” here by the word “hell”, with the evident desire to leave the impression of the traditional idea of “eternal suffering.” In Proverbs 1:12, however, they translated the word “sheol” as “the grave”, because it is speaking of the innocent life being taken by the wicked ones. Neither scripture, however, says anything about those in sheol as being either in a paradise of happiness or an inferno of misery.

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