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Job 24:19 – Sheol Consumes Those Who Have Sinned


Job 24:19 – Drought and heat consume the snow waters; So does Sheol those who have sinned. — World English

Here Job is speaking of the wicked who prosper while doing all kinds of injustice to cause others to live in poverty. Job is saying that like all of us, these also come to their end in sheol — the oblivious realm of death. (Ecclesiastes 9:2,3,5,10; Romans 5:15-19; 6:23; 1 Corinthians 15:21,22) Nothing is said about these being conscious while in sheol.

John Gill’s comments on this:

All have sinned, but some are more notorious sinners than others, as those here meant; and all die and are laid in the grave, and are consumed; hence the grave is called the pit of corruption and destruction, because bodies are corrupted and destroyed in it, and which is the case of all, both good and bad men; but the metaphor here used to express it by, of the consumption of snow water by drought and heat, denotes either that the death of these persons is sudden and violent, and in such a manner are brought to the grave, consumed there; that they die a sudden death, and before their time, and do not live out half the days, which, according to the course of nature, they might have lived, or it was expected by them and others they would; whereas they are “snatched away”, as the word signifies, as suddenly and violently as snow waters are by the drought and heat; or else that their death is quick, quiet, and easy, as snow is quickly dissolved, and the water as soon and as easily dried up by the drought and heat; they do not lie long under torturing diseases, but are at once taken away, and scarce feel any pain; they die in their full strength, wholly at ease and quiet; which sense well answers Job’s scope and design, see ( Job 21:23 ) ( Psalms 73:4 ) . Some render the words, “in the drought and heat they rob, and in the snow waters”; that is, they rob at all times and seasons of the year, summer and winter; and this is their constant trade and employ; they are always at it, let the weather be what it will: and “they sin unto the grave”, or “hell”; they continue in their wicked course of life as long as they live, until they are brought to the grave; they live and die in sin.

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