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Genesis 4:10 – Was Abel Conscious While Dead?


Genesis 4:10 – And he said , What hast thou done ? the voice of thy brother’s blood crieth unto me from the ground.

This scripture has been presented us with the question: If the dead know nothing, then how did Able’s blood voice call out to God?

One would have to have a great imagination so to imagine and assume that there is anything in this verse about a person’s soul continuing to be alive and having sentiency after death. First, we note that it says that Able’s blood cried out. It does not say that Abel himself cried out; nor does it say that Abel’s soul or spirit cried out. Are we to assume that Abel’s blood was alive in some world beyond the grave and was literally crying out? And, also it does not say that Able’s blood cried out of heaven, or from paradise, but rather from the ground, where it had been spilled by the hand of Cain. Was Abel literally living as a spirit being in “the ground” of the earth? Obviously, this is speaking figuratively, not literally.

There is definitely nothing in this scripture that should cause one to call upon the spirit of human imagination so to imagine and assume that Abel was still conscious while dead, in contradiction to Psalm 6:5; 31:7; 146:4; Ecclesiastes 9:5,10; Isaiah 38:18.


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