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PLEASE NOTE: This site is not affiliated with the “Jehovah’s Witnesses” organization.

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Other Restoration Light Bible Studies

The Restoration of All Things
How mankind will be restored to that which was lost by Adam

With What Body Will We Be Raised? – Discusses the meanings of immortality, incorruption, spirit begettal, and what kind of resurrection body different ones will be raised with.

Matthew 27:51-54 – Bodies of Saints Raised

Publications and Articles by Others

PLEASE NOTE! We are providing the following links because they provide valuable information in understanding various teachings of the Bible. However, this does not mean that we endorse each and every expression stated in these references, nor that we endorse the total teachings and
practices of the individuals or groups that provide the websites.

Where Are the Dead?

What Say the Scriptures About Hell? — Briefly examines every scripture in the Bible that contains the Hebrew and Greek words that are rendered as “hell.”

What is Man?

Why Christ Arose From the Dead

Bible Standard (Laymen’s Home Missionary Movement

What Say the Scriptures Concerning Spiritism?

A Ray of Hope – Refrain Thy Voice From Weeping and Thine Eyes From Tears

Pastoral Bible Institute (Herald of Christ’s Kingdom)

The Resurrection of the Dead by Robert Davis

What Say the Sriptures About Hell?

The Flame in Hades An examination of the parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus.

What is the Soul?

If A Man Die, Will He Live Again? (Herald of Christ’s Kingdom)

After Death The Judgment (Herald of Christ’s Kingdom)

Everlasting Punishment (Herald of Christ’s Kingdom)

A Case for the Resurrection of Stillborns (Carl Hagensick)

The Resurrection of the Dead (Herald of Christ’s Kingdom)

Associated Bible Students of Central Ohio

The Fires of Hell Burning Out

Also includes “If a man die, shall he live again?” and “Churches Reconsider Hell’s Fury”

Is Hell Burning?

Faithbuilder’s Fellowship

RESURRECTION: THE BASIS OF HOPE: The Good News of the Resurrection.

WHAT ABOUT HELL?: A brief explanation of sheol, hades, Gehenna, and the hope of the resurrection.

WHEN A MAN DIES: (Faithbuilders Fellowship/True Grace Ministries) The Cause of Death. Is Death Really Death? The Soul That Sins Dies. What Do the Dead Know? Confusion on the meaning of Sheol. All People Go Into Sheol, Hades. Death is death. Death to be Destroyed.

*** in the process of updating items below – February 2, 2006

The Good News of Two Salvations (Herald of Christ’s Kingdom)

Anastasis — Resurrection (Herald of Christ’s Kingdom)

Immortality of the Soul or Resurrection of the Dead? (Herald of Christ’s Kingdom)

Notes on Immortality (Herald of Christ’s Kingdom)

Resurrection Prospects (Herald of Christ’s Kingdom)

WHEN A MAN DIES: (Dawn Bible Students Association) Discusses the condition of the dead in sheol/hades and the hope of the resurrection. Another link to the same booklet:

Links to Authors Not Associated with the Bible Students Movement

Champions of Conditional Immortality in History – Gives quotes of many writers, many of whom are well-known, who denied inherent human immortality.

Near Death Experiences (Ernest L. Martin)

After Death – What?

(Fred Pearce – Christadelphian Viewpoint)

The Bible Hell (A Universalist Site) – by J.W. Hanson

What the Hell is Hell Really? While I don’t agree with swearing by hell (hades, pluto), most of the information is good (A Universalist Site)

A Long, But Not Eternal Visit to “Hell” (A Universalist Site) – by Louis Abbott, from his book, An Analytical Study of Words

Oh Hell – Excepting the name of the page (as it is an expression most often used in swearing — Matthew 5:33-37; James 5:12), there are a lot of good links on the page.


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